Sunday, February 28, 2010

Norman Running Routes

Finding a quality and safe place to run in Norman sometimes seems like a nightmare. One website makes mapping a run more simple. provides running routes throughout Norman provided by local runners. However there are a few helpful hints runners should know about the routes.
Runs listed on the site include distances from half of a mile to over 30 miles, but some have issues. For instance, part of the route for a six-mile run included running through trees and what can be assumed as a dirt trail. This is an issue if it has just rained or if you are a pavement runner. Also some runs include streets that do not have sidewalks. This can be hazardous to the night runner or if the street has high traffic.
Having a map for local running routes will save a runner a lot of time and effort. However, do research on the routes before hitting the pavement. Remember it is the general public who posting these routes, not running experts.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


The purpose of this PWOP assignment and picture was to manipulate daily objects in order to tell a story about someone without actually having a person in the photo. Here I have taken my roommate's belongings to show her personality. She is an avid runner and loves to stay fit, this is why I have included her running shoes and the water bottle. I have tried to incorporate some general picture taking skills we have learned in the class and incorporate a sense of depth.

In the picture of the stadium my goal was to capture the structure and setting of the world around me. I chose our football stadium because this is a great representation of our University and the tradition that is apart of it. I wanted to in corporate the large scale of the building, but also the cars parked on the street and the life around the building. It is a structure I see almost everyday but never take the time to appreciate it.